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Body or Suspnsion lift

Which should I go with?

  • The FBG Ranger/Explorer 3" Supspension kit

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  • Major brand 4" Suspension kit

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i selected the 4" suspension, the problem with the 3" kit is i think your hubs wear out fast because of the axleshaft angle. and the body lift doesnt lift your bumpers with the body. besides, if you just lift the body, you arent actually increasing the suspension travel at all, but if your just going for looks the body lift is the cheap easy way to go and it cant be that hard to fab up a bumper lift to match.

Fat Bob's is a waste of money. What's your budget? If it's big and doesn't matter, I'd say go with the RCD lift over the trailmaster/superlift. If you don't want to drop a ton of money, i'd say go with the body lift and shackles, maybe add a leaf if you want more rear height.