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body parts question


May 27, 2006
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Kansas City area
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01 Explorer Sport
I have a 2001 explorer sport.......not sport trac.....thatI recently screwed up the drivers side door and fender.
What models and years will fit my explorer?
I've seen acouple of full size explorers and sport trac's being parted, but no idea if parts interchange.
Thanks so much for your help.

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3Rd gen sport. Parts are the only i know of the 4dr has smaller doors and i belive diferent fenders so just sport

second gen Sports 95-01 should work, but beware possible differences in door latches, and wiring. for that reason i'd stay as close as possible to 2001 parts.

No.. 2001 sport had the body redesign. You need to get one off a 2001+ Sport.

'01-'03 Sport or '01-'05 Sport Trac. They're the same B-pillar forward.

Thanks for the info.
I was hoping the sport trac would fit.
I see no sports being parted, but the k.c. craigslist has two sport tracs being parted.
Thanks again for the help.

sport trac fender, and any door from any year 2 door will work. most of you will call me out on the door thing, but the only difference is the body molding, nothing else.