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Body Repair


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February 6, 2013
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92 Ford Explorer Sport
Ok so I've decided to do a full restore on my 92 2dr 2wd. I've had it almost 10 years now pizza we've been through a lot of **** together! It's finally time for me to show some love! I of course have the usaul front pizza rear bumper rust which is an easy fix but the wonderful rocker panals pizza dog legs are the fun part! I know I can just buy the new rocker panels for the 2dr but the dog legs are another story! I live in Ohio where they LOVE to OVER salt the roads in the winter so finding a junkyard that has a 2dr with decent dog legs is non exsistant! So my reason for this post is finding someone that would cut me out some dog legs from a local junkyard? I would pay for the parts pizza the shipping as well as even compensate you for your time through PayPal! If anybody out there wouldn't mind doing this for me that would be AWESOME!!!!