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BogFather Is Finally ELITE

What to say live in Nova Scotia Canada, My baby is a 2000 XLS. There are a few pics of my baby in Mod-Up action in my album but here she is as of today:



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Glad the truck is fixed!!!

You heard from Ben lately?

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Nope, that i haven't....HRMMMMM Weird. not even on msn, hope everything is alright up there....Ben feel free to chime in and let us know your still good bud ;) ;)

Well it's official there guys the old 94 XL has been SOLD :( :( . Was gonna cost WAYYYY too much $$ to get her back to road trail worthy. Now i will be putting all my attention to Old Blue :D :D. Lots of Mods to come......STAY TUNED

Well got my fogs mounted to the front bumper now, & new shoes coming soon for my baby blue. Staying 32" just getting some military tires mounted on 16" black rims. Pics of both to come :D :D....STAY TUNED

cool :D

Decals & Fogs

Ok so as promised here are the pics of the fogs on my bumper:


Here are some pics of my military 32/7.50/16's:



And here is my MOST IMPORTANT mods to date:


And my promoting of RoadBully OFF-Road :salute: :

Well last week was the HUGE Offroad Rally here in Nova Scotia. LOTS & LOTS of carnage for everyone, I started it all with me "snapping" a inner tie rod in half. Reached in the back and grabbed one of the 2 brand new ones i had on hand and continued on our way. A ways down the trail i had a LOT of banging as we were moving, got back to camp and had a look under the old girl and seen that i kinda sorta CAVED the gas tank in on the old girl. All in all had a wicked time. Here are the vids i got from the Mudd drags and a little from the trail:

Update time:

Well as of now Old Blue is laid up for the time being, Front Pinnion Bearing, Exhaust Came Apart From Manifold, Misfire( Coil Pack or Something Else ). Bought a 99 Explorer XLS for parts & have decided to get her on the ROAD, She has a blown rear ie: Rear Pinnion Bearing ( DESTROYED The Ring And Pinnion), BAD Rockers, And throwing a Lean Code. Just Picked up a new rear end for her tonight, Hopefully a weekend PROJECT. Pics to follow ;) ;)

Ok well here are my 2 Ladies as of 2 days ago:




Comming soon a SAS for the Blue truck and a set of 15x8 Black Steelies with 3.5 Backspacing to give the white truck a wider stance until the SAS is done on the blue truck then they go on her with a set of 33's. Also PRE-Runner style bumper bar for the white truck :D :D . Stay Tuned...........

Well the on-going battle has started again to better the white truck....LMAO. ?Lemme know what anyone thinks.....







Looks good, I like it! Did you just rattle can that or what?

Taped her all off then rattle can rocker guarded her :D :D . Finished her off yesterday by doing the front bumper and the rest of the rear bumper so there is no more GREY tupperware. Next on the list is:

1. New to me 15x8 Black Steelies 3.5 Backspacing
2. 2" Body Lift
3. New rockers
4. Toss up of more exterior lights or Start the interior Blue LEDs
5. ...................

Well brown wire mod done today on the ole whitey, Would think i was an expert with how quick i got it done. Thank god i did the same on ole Blue before the t-case swap :D :D

OK so update time. 2" BL started today, Soaked the body mounts for the last week and a half now, got nervous when put the socket on the first bolt, SNAP the bolt broke free and turned quite nicely so moved to next bolt and same thing. Long story short all the cabin and rear bolts broke free with little effort with the help of PB Blaster and a cheater pipe and some good ole muscle. Got at the CORE mounts today and my god were my nerves a wreck before i hit the impact gun, BUT to my surprise they broke free with little effort but LOTSSSSSSSS of PB. Looked under the mounts and dreaded hitting them after all the threads i read on them snapping the heads or not turning out but AGAIN to my surprise snap they broke free and turned out almost as quick as they snapped free. So all the bolts are free'd up and ready to be loosened up and other parts free'd up before i jack it up AND THEN IT HAPPENED the gods said oh SCREW you buddy and the skies opened and it POORED AND HAILED like crazy. So here i am sitting inside waitting for another chance. will get some pics of before and after.............STAY TUNED

Good news got the BL done all by MYSELF :O :O . Only had a small snag as the bolts from the kit had 3 different sizes 6 shorter bolts, 2 little longer bolts & 2 REALLY long bolts. Well the REALLY long bolts were ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD TO ME so had to use a couple of the original bolts on the mounts at the front foot wells. Anyways all in all i got her all done. Here are the Before and After Pics :D :D

Before 2" Body Lift


After 2" Body Lift

Wheeling With 2" Body Lift May 2nd 2010 2 Days After BL LMAO

OH yeah and Playing well with a stock Explorer ROFLMAO




Looks awesome. I have considered a 2" body lift as well. You didn't need to do anything like a steering extension or a radiator relocation right?

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NOPE the steering extension wasn't needed but did come in the kit. And the rad goes up with the body it's the fan shroud that gets relocated but i said screw it and unbolted the shroud then cut it into 4 parts to get it out and just left it off obviously LMAO ;) . Just make sure you use the ground strap brackets, take the brake lines out of the clamps on the shock tower on driver front and make sure the shift cable is free of the firewall. Other then that just take your time with jacking the body up and SOAK SOAK SOAK the bolts for a couple days. ;) ;)