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Bolts For Torsion Bar

Got it all straight.


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Figured I'd post some pix after my torsion bolt change. Did the TT and needed longer bolts, found this thread, bought the 100mm from Fastenal linked earlier in post #19 (thanks, zhanx). Got to my door in a day or two, very impressive. Below you can see the difference b/t the original torsion bolt and the new one:


Took a little grinding to round out the tip:


And good to go:


Coulda ground down a bit more, as the bolts were still a bit long, but it came out great and was an easy and painless process, despite my frustration at needing the longer bolts in the first place.

Well, my new bolts should be here tomorrow :D :thumbsup: FINALLY! haha. But anyway do I have to grind down the ends, or is it optional?

Others have not grinded down the ends and haven't reported any problems, but I figure it's that way for a reason, and it takes all of 2 minutes per bolt, so why not?

Others have not grinded down the ends and haven't reported any problems, but I figure it's that way for a reason, and it takes all of 2 minutes per bolt, so why not?

Sounds good to me;)

awesome thread!

thanks colin for referring it to me, i know have a new page to add in my favorites

hey there nice job, how much more lift did you get out of it?

Wondering if anyone has had a problem going from a grade 10.9 stock bolt to the 8.8 bolt linked to from Fastenal?

i had my in for about a year and took "several" 1000 mile + road trips and off road-ed a ton and never had an issue, the only reason i took them out is that fact my truck no longer has torsion bars or any of the stock suspension besides the rear axle. And my wheeling style has been liked to a ball-peen hammer in a trash can rolling down the stair case of the empire state building

So you jack her up, remove the old bolts and slap the new ones in right? nothing else to it?

You got it 99ex22 ;) ;) . Think i'll get a set here soon, Thank god we deal with Fastenal at work HeHeHe might be able to get a deal on them LMAO. SCORE work comes in handy yet AGAIN for my offroad projects hehehe ( Front Bumper Pipe, Sway Bar Link Bushings, Bolts for Seat Swap, Manual T-Case shift fork Bushing, Among VARIOUS other Bolts & Bushings.......HeHeHe, & LOTS & LOTS more Pipe for my Sliders & Rear Bumper in the NEAR Future :D :D )

Fastenal won't let me join their website without me entering in a buisness name and type???? You are required to join in order to buy. What do I do? Just enter in N.A?

What's the word regarding U-joint wear? I heard that with some lifts (not this one) you need to get an extended front driveline or it will wear out very quickly. I'm seriously considering doing this lift and am very excited I just am concerned about wear.

Also any need or concern regarding brakelines or anything of that nature?


Yeah I just did mine today andmaxed out the drivers sidejust to get it even wih the passenger (only got an inch) so I figure I should be able to get alonger bolt and get another 2 inches (cause tats really only 2 inches from stock. I have yet to figure out what torsion bars I have. The code on the door says AF

Try these! I had same issue!


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I have an 03 sport with L tb's. I cranked them 10 full turns and got 2" lift and have plenty of thread left on the bolts.