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Borg shift motor 4wd


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September 14, 2007
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San Antonio
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1998 4wd mazda B400
I came to this site looking for answers and found some of the best info anywhere but still need a little more infoabout a problem I am having.
My 4wd lites starting flashing and the 4wd would not engage. Found out it was a planetery gear in the transfer case. I took it off and had it rebuilt only to find out they screwed up. Removed for the 2nd time and they made good. The 4wd worked 3 times before it stopped and the dash lites started flashing. I found Brains post on hoow to rebuild the shift motor. mine however has a blue plastic gear cover that I think is where the contacts or. I could not get it apart and need some advise. I can get the motor to run once I power it up with a battery. How does the motor know when to stop at 4h and 4L? Is this problem the shift motor are the control module. I am at the end of my rope. Any addtional info would be greatly appreciated. :(