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Borla Header Leaks!!


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September 20, 1999
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I just looked over the instructions for the borla headers and on the diagram it says flare to 2.50 where the down pipes meet the headers. Does that mean that I have to flare this part of the joint to 2.50? I know it is already flared, but is it flared enough. I would think that if it was already flared they would say "flared to 2.50". I am getting sooo tired of all these leaks and now after i tightened it seems the leaks are louder!!! ahhh. Anyone with any advice or experiences I will greatly apreciate. Thank you.


Is there any sort of bushing that you could use to seal the leaks?

I think the only gaskets like that are the donut that goes in between the cat and cat back and the headers to cat. I dont think they make anything for the header joints. U know how the cat's bolts are welded in place...well i broke one of those bolts so now i have to grind off the weld and drill out a new hole. It has been a rough week. Thanks for the reply.