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Borla Headers &


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May 9, 1999
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Memphis, TN
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07 Exp ST / 15 Exp Ltd
Has anyone had their Borla headers ceramic coated? I was thinking about doing it when I get some. Would you have the Y-pipe coated as well or is it usually just the headers? Does anyone have a 1/3 off or better coupon for so I can afford some Borla headers?

Man, have you seen the new carparts pricing?! Its high! You can do better elsewhere even WITH the 1/3 off.


Any suggestions?

Well... the price made me just order some hedmans... I was going to thermal wrap them anyways so the look of stainless really didnt matter... and then I was going to strip off the shipping paint and paint on some high temp paint to prevent rust... I found them at Summit Racing.... however they have been on backorder forever! They were supposed to get them to me in a week. but now they are saying the 20th of this month. If your ordering them now (and they do get them by the 20th of this month) it wont be a big wait for you... but as far as getting the headers...if you stay with borla I think performance products has them for cheaper... not much though... and I have had good luck with getting products from them fast....