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Both tail lights flash with turn signals


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August 30, 2013
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'97 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC
I recently replaced all front and rear turn signals and the tail/brake lights with LEDs. I got an EP27 LED relay from Advance Auto, so there's no rapid flashing.

The only problem is that now when I use my turn signal, both front turn signals flash (as if I had the hazards on) and both rear tail/brake lights flash. The rear turn signals do not flash together, only the fronts. With the hazards on, all turn signals flash in addition to the tail/brake lights.

This only happens if my headlamps/parking lamps are off. If I switch on the parking lamps or headlights, everything works as it should.

I don't think there's a wiring problem because everything worked flawlessly until the LEDs and new relay came in. I guess it just doesn't like the LEDs, but as long as my parking lamps or headlights are on, all is well.

Any thoughts? I know I could go back to incandescent and fix the problem, but that's no fun! :)