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Bought something


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November 1, 2006
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'02 Limited V8
If you picked up my hints I had in some other post, you probably got the idea I bought something;) I got an SCT3 from James at I am having trouble figuring out what to download in order to upload my tunes that James has sent me. Three tunes go as follows: #1-Nice, #2-not so nice and #3-pissed off!!! Just waiting on James to get back when he can with some info on how to proceed unless someone else knows what's up. Also, was going to go to the track today, but it's raining right now:( Below are pics from a few minutes ago. P.S.- I have something else coming next week:p:



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Where is Live load? I found the live link, downloaded it and nothing happens from it? I guess it updates live load? I am really smart, just kinda dumb today:)

this link!!

1st off, Download and install the lastest device drivers for the X3 ford

2nd, Download the Device updater option(at least that is what i use to upload my tunes onto my tuner).

after that you should be ready to roll...use the Live load tunes button while your device is connected..find what ever folder you put your tunes in, and upload the wanted tunes.

When I try to install the device updater, it will not finish and says I have an error. Maybe it's windows vista. I am going to try my older laptop and pray for some luck. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Gotta let a little steam out:)

Tried the restart. No luck. My older computer has XP and I had to download the .NET 2.0 software in order to finish. It's running right now. Hope it works. Crap, just said I had to buy the freaking thing. AARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH.

Downloaded a new .net thingy. Said drivers were installed. I'll report back with good luck or spend the day crying.

GOT IT!!!! Only one problem. My tow and street tune will not load into the vehicle. Only the race tune. But with the race tune, I can feel that it's more responsive on the lower end and pulls harder on top. Race got canceled today and I am looking at trying to make another one tomorrow. So far so good, just need to get the other tunes figured out.

did you try and unload multiple times?...some times they just poop out on ya...SCT's have a little bit of a reputation for this(at least the pre-programed ones do)...but im sure james will work with you to get it taken care of...james is an AWESOME guy to do buisness with.

Yeah I have tried a few times, first it was about halfway loading before it stopped and when I restarted a second time, only went to like 7% and then pooped on me. The race tune is much better than I expected. I though it would hold shifts real long and shift really hard. It really makes it feel a little stronger and smoother. I manually shifted from 1-2 around 5500rpm and it felt very stout. Need to get to the strip and see what the numbers say. I think I am going to go drive around some more. Be back soon:)

Okay, I'm back. WOW!!! Did a manual shift from 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and she pulled hard. I will get a video or two up to compare before and after tunes. Video will come tomorrow if the weather is good. When new rims and tires show up, I'll get them mounted and go to the air strip by me and see if I can get some highspeed runs in:burnout:

lol tune is worth every penny, regaurdless of the might try some headers if youve got some extra $$ next to the tune, thats the other mod i warned though, you will lose a little bit of low end torque from JBA shorty headers (ive heard kooks will custom make full length headers for you if you have a lot of extra $$$) may notice mine doesnt go like hell till about 3500 rpm..though if i turn on my brown wire mod i can spin my tires on the odd hu?

I have heard about kooks and yes, they cost some $$$$$$$$$$ I'm going to take it easy with the modding for a short bit until I can get some cash saved up for a house I plan on getting in the next few months. Also, my girlfriend has no idea that I bought the tuner or wheels. Just over a thousand bucks spent last week. I feel guilty because I know I shouldn't have done it, but it was bound to happen sooner or later:) Another thing, I plan on going back to school for personal training in June and the one I am looking at cost almost 7 grand for 6 months!!! I may have to sell the Ex. But before I do that, I have another whip or two that's going on craigslist and ebay to get me some cash.

Hey looking to sell it now, lol? I am looking for one also, along with a Cold Air Intake. What was your over all result on what it did for your limited? I have the 2004 Limited 4.6L v8 and need these two items.........its a must :)

Well from an electric fan and a 93 tune, I gained .5 second in the quarter. I still need a CAI. I just drilled a bunch of holes in the very front of the stock airbox as well as the inlet tube inside the box. Did it help? I don't know:) The change is HUGE, but you can tell that is accelerates more postively and easier? I feel it is money well spent if you are looking to get everything out of your motor that you can. I like that you can adjust shift points and firmness as well as remove the speed limiter. Email James a and get one;) You'll be happy.

The only thing is, is that I am in Canada. So Ineed to get something like that from Canada.....Custom Fees and all that crap.........

You could email James to ask if he recommends anyone in Canada or what it would even cost to ship one out? I think on SCT's website you can search for the nearest SCT dealer by you in case he doesn't know anyone.

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I have found one $400.00 Canadian in Toronto, Ontario. So now I need a cold air intake then im set :)