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bouncy ride


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October 8, 2008
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2006 xlt
my 2006 xlt rides like a stage-coach, any ideas why?:

If it's a 4-door, you might need new struts. How many miles on it? And Welcome!

bouncy ride

it is a 4 door with only 30k on it. my first thought was rear shocks , but i was just fishing to see if it was a prob with 06 models because my 02 rode like a caddy. thanks for the reply.

I had a 06 XLT for a short time and the ride was real bad, traded for a 06 EB and the ride was wonderful, XLT has whole different suspension from a EB. I had a 04 Mountaineer and it rode great as well, Even my 06 EB is not as good as the 04 Mountaineer, but I understand from different sources that when Ride Stability Control came about that it did stiffen up the ride on all Explorers, but once again I did experience the same harsh ride on my 06 XLT, I do not think there is much you can do for it.