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box question


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March 21, 2003
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ok this might seem weird but hwere it goes. I have an infinity sub running of a 500 watt mono amp, running more off like 200 watts preobably. Ne ways, i had this box i built, not making any precise easuerments or anything, just made a big box, and put 2 ports a foot long on each side...i kno, it was sloppy but i was impatient and wanted to here my system. SO i put it in a it sounded surprisingly well, and shook my car around. THen a week later it said on my sub maneul that it shuld be in a 1.25 sealed enclosure. so i made that, and its much smaller then my other box, and i hooked it up thinking it wuld sound better, and it sounded like shi*. THere was no low notes compoared to the other box, and it sounded like it was hella muted or sumthing. SO ne ways im just wondering why it sounds so much in a box thats meant for the sub other then my fabbed up box i built in an hour. WUt shuld , do? Is bigger always betteR?? Am i gonna get those low notes with a huge box?

Usually they also tell you to put polyfill in a box of that size and specify an amount. That may be your problem.

Also is it supposed to be ported?

similar thing happened to me, had a kenwood sub, put it in this huge cerwin vega slot port hometheater box i had layin around, sounded good, real good. a few months later, built a box to exact specs that kenwood recommends, looked nice, sounded liek crap. long story short, i put it back in the box that i started with (which sounded better anyways) and tossed the new box to the side. some people will say only use a sub in a box recommended for it, i say put it wherever it sounds best to you.