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Braided Stainless Brake Lines


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December 6, 2007
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I kinda gave-up on these and they finally showed-up. I ordered through Deerfield and they took a long time to arrive. I put these on my old Bronco, noticed an improvement, plus the stock rubber lines are old and it is not a bad idea to replace them.. I think you can see part numbers in the pics below. You can order extended lengths. These are for a two inch lift. I only ordered fronts and may go back for the rear.


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Very good, I love SS brake lines. I had a place here that could custom make almost any kind, they went away a long while back.

Now you need the bigger 01 Sport rotors(and spindles to make them go on).


Cryo rotors 2001+ .JPG

How much did you pay for those break rotors. I've been looking aat some on line to put on my 03 Mercury

What is the size of the stock and 02 rotor?

The 1995-01 4dr Explorers have 11" rotors(4), as well as the 95-2000 Sport models. The rest and newer are 12" or more in the much later trucks.

The spindles from a 2001-03 Sport, or 01-05 Sport Trac, are 2nd generation suspensions, and they bolt onto the older 95+ 2nd gen's.

Simple rotors and some slotted brands are not very expensive, $25-$60 in most cases. That slotted only rotor pictured above was about $100 each back in about 2010, that's a cryogenically treated type. I got it for the high heat of mail delivery, but honestly many simple basic rotors have survived fine for my trucks.

It's a stock 03 Mercury mountaineer premier edition V6 AWD 4.0

That's a 3rd gen Explorer/Mountaineer, so any made for the 2002-2005's will work, including the spindle swap from a 2003-05 Aviator(with calipers and rotors).

It's a stock 03 Mercury mountaineer premier edition V6 AWD 4.0
Sure is and I am asking what is the gain in size over the older ones.

An 11" Vs 12" rotor is a considerable gain and something I might do, Thanks!

Newbie here.
Can anyone describe the upgrade for front rotors on a 01 Explorer ST 4x4. Currently, 12-inch (2-piston calipers) I would like to upgrade the 13-inch. rotors are later models.

I would appreciate and comments/instructions from the members.