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Brake caliper bleeder valve ripped off


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February 23, 2006
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'07 Eddie Bauer 4x4
Dear @all,

yesterday I wanted to sevice the brake fluid on our '07 EB. Unfortunately I ripped off a bleeder valve of a rear caliper. Head with hexagon is ripped off, valve itself is still in the caliper. No ridge to use a vice or similar.

Away from ordering a new caliper, is there a process to get the damaged valve out?

What is the dimension of the new valve?

Thank you for your help!

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yes easy out or left hand drill bit it might spin out.

Thank you guys for reply.

Yes, my first idea was to order me a new caliper, just a $50 affair. I checked RockAuto and found out rear calipers are the same from '01 to '10.

Fortunately I do have a rear right caliper in stock for our '02 Explorer. They seem to be identical. But... the threads taped into the housing for bleeder valve and brake line are different. Whereas the '02 caliper has 3/8" UNF theard the '07 caliper is metric, 10mm.

So I'm going to get me some metric 10mm bleeder valves and try to screw the ripped-off out after soaking in penetrating oil for some days.

there is an easy way, just get a drill bit that fits in the hole, make sure the hole is completely clean with that bit.
than step up just a bit bigger but not as big as the threads, and drill it again, as the metal thins you may be able to use a slot screwdriver that fits in the hole to spin it out as the heat from drilling will loosen it,
just make sure your bit is in the middle,,

These bits go into a drill:

You set the drill to reverse, then the bit will drill into the bleeder until the easy out part grabs the bleeder. Here's another extractor:

You drill a hole into the bleeder, then tap the extractor into the hole. A wrench or a socket turns the extractor with the bleeder. Here's another extractor set:

A drill bit drills the hole, then the spiral extractor grabs the bleeder.

Sears sells their own version of them. Check Lowe's & Home Depot as well. The first time I've used one of these bits was on a Craftsman planer. One of the screws holding the blade was stripped, and I couldn't remove it. It was an Allen head bolt. The tool zipped right into it, and removed it in no time.