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Brake caliper help


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May 14, 2017
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2013 interceptor utility
I have a 2013 interceptor utility. Trying to diagnose what seems to be a brake pull. I have new pads and rotors put on. I notice that when I look under vehicle the caliper on drivers side is marked with R and the passenger side is marked L ? Is it possible these Are backwards ?

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Is it physically possible to put them on the wrong side ? I am assuming the one marked R belongs on passenger side and vice versa

Definitely bass-ackwards. Meaning the bleeder screws are on the bottom and trapping air, hence your pull.

A mistake that happens often when both sides are removed, and switched when installing new replacements.,2013,explorer,3.5l+v6,1503808,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper,1704
On those RockAuto caliper pics, the Motorcraft calipers appear to have R and L markings - depending on where the bleeder screw is located dictates which side (bleeder should be high point). Not sure if OEM are marked same or only have one marking. If the calipers are same for both sides, it's just a matter of making sure bleeder is in right orientation.

OP - are your calipers only marked with and R or L or do they have both R and L markings? Who did your brakes? Maybe take it back to them and have them fix their mistake.

I had a local shop install the new pads and new rotors that I bought. I'm sure the calipers being on wrong side were NOT their doing as I don't think they disconnected them from brake line. I also wish they would have picked up that they were on wrong side but i guess they didn't

Are you sure the calipers are installed wrong?

The Motorcraft casting appears to have both R and L markings and the the bleeder screw is machined in different places (above the R or L) to dictate which side the caliper is for. Are yours just marked R or L or do they have both R/L markings?

There are lots of things that can cause a pull when braking. Crown on road - bad slider/piston/caliper/hose/rotor/suspension parts,etc...

Just looked again and the bleeder screw is on top so I'm guessing the R and L are meaningless now

Apologies. Looking closer, there ARE L & R marks on each caliper. OP, you've confirmed the bleeder screws are up,
it's time to look elsewhere. I'd still start pulling issues by bleeding again, and follow bedding in procedures if noted. GL

Caliper on drivers side marked R , passenger side is marked L

Would anyone reccomend changing front calipers and hoses ?