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Brake control help needed


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September 21, 2010
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1999 explorer
I need to hook up an electric brake control for my camper on my 1999 explorer. It has the factory tow package, but I can't seem to find the plug in for it. I've looked all over under the dash, including the passenger side, and also behind the glove box. If anyone knows where it is located, I would really appreciate it.


That was helpful, but

It doesn't show the location of the plug that I need to plug into, only how to wire it yourself.

There should just be a plug to plug into, shouldn't there be?

No factory plug

Am just wrapping up an install of a controller on my 2000 5.0 and from what I found on the truck and the web NO there not a factory plug until 02 models. I had to hard wire mine in even though it has a tow package.