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How to: Brake controller 7 pin plug on non tow package

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January 29, 2021
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2021 explorer XLT
I wanted the tow package but with Covid, limited stock, and my boss being cheap I ended up without one.

Brake controller

So we all have the plug under the steering column for a brake controller. But without the tow package the fuse box in the engine compartment is empty. So the only thing that plug has is Ground and BOO. The brake controller blue output wire goes to the left kick panel and ends. I pulled a wire from the engine fuse box fused 30 amps it runs into the firewall threw a small grommet above the foot rest. Cut the yellow with red stripe wire from the Ford brake controller plug and attached the fused power cable to it. I pulled the plastic off the kick panel and cut the light blue brake wire out of the ford connector and ran a wire from it to the trailer plug inside the rocker covers.


Pulled the trunk out with rear cargo piece and both rear cup holders. This gave me enough room to get my arm up and put the T connectors on the tail light wiring. I zip tied the wiring from the right tail light harness up with existing wiring. The space a sub would sit is huge with a bolt to use for ground and a large oval grommet to pass your 4 pin and brake wire down under the car to the 7 way plug.

Tow rating

So with the 2.3 you are at 3000lbs without the tow package or 5300 with. Im not a safety nazi and the fact that a larger radiator on the towing package is all i can find different tells me use forscan to monitor temps and pull 5300 with it. I will be towing my 3k empty car trailer with mine checking temps then add my compact tractor 2500 and will report back what temps I see. I have a F350 for towing heavy but want to know how well it does.










Nice write up. I just set you up with a 3 month Elite Explorer subscription for the effort:chug: