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brake grinding on one side


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April 1, 2010
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so i changed the front and rear rotors and brake pads on my wifes 2002 explorer about 2 months ago.

on the passenger side, the brake makes a grinding noise like the pads are bad, producing a ton of brake dust...and the brake pedal is pretty soft.

would it seem like i need to rebleed the brakes?
or do i have a bad caliper on the driver side, causing the passenger side to do all the work?


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The culprit is most likely either the slider pins getting stuck or a problem with the pad clips. You can check both easily, the clips are easy to check just make sure both of them are there and not bent up or rusty. For the sliders just remove the slider screws and pull of the outside caliper. Pop the slider pins out of the rubber boots and see if they have grease on them or if they are rusted solid. If there is no grease just clean them up, pack them with synthetic caliper grease and re-assemble. If they are really badly rusted you will have to get new ones and install with grease. Hope this helps!

thanks for teh quick response. plan on heading out to my buddies tonight to use his garage. i will def. check those things.

No problem at all, luckily the front hub and brake design hasn't changed on the explorer since 1995 so the parts are available pretty much anywhere, good luck!

well, ...took off the caliper on driver side and i knew it was fried as soon as i pulled it off the rotor b/c both pistons were stuck in. tapped the brakes a couple times to see if the would come out...the top did not, and the bottom one came ALL the way out and flopping around. then when trying to push it back in...squirted brake juice all over. *sigh*
i'll get a new one tomorrow, $50 and a couple man hours tomorrow night and she'll be good

Wow, well it sure is nice when the problem presents itself like that! Just curious though, was that caliper you took off made by Bosch or Bendix? it should be embossed on there somewhere I know that both companies supplied brake parts for all of the explorers and it would be interesting to take note of which ones are more troublesome.

Your OP indicates grinding from the R/H side, yet you're changing the L/H side caliper.......just wondering if you found a problem on the passenger side also. Make sure the slider pin with the flanged end goes in the top hole on L/H side and bottom hole on R/H side. Torque is 24 ft-lbs and bottom bolt is tightened first.


changed the left hand side b/c the caliper was completely trashed. so the right hand side was grinding b/c it was doing all the work.

i did not see a difference in the two slider pins. so i hope i didn't put 1 in the wrong hole.

Hmmmmm.........unless '02 is different from '04, the pins are definitely not the same. The next time you're by a store that carries brake hardware kits (AutoZone?), check it out.