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Brake issue, possibly ABS related?

dr fildo

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May 1, 2012
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1999 Mercury Mounaineer
I just replaced the passenger side hub/bearing assembly. It went as well as could be expected, except that I noticed that one of the pistons in the caliper is leaking. When I put it back together, when I apply the brake I get a terrible grinding and vibration through the brake pedal. With the ABS connection from the hub DISconnected- no vibrations. So I'm guessing that the caliper is bad, causing a malfunction with the ABS? I can't see how the ABS system suddenly is malfunctioning unless the abs sensor in the hub/bearing assembly replacement is bad.

Yes I checked and re-checked the caliper bolts and the pads are properly placed.

Any advice?

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If the caliper is leaking, replace it.
Check the other front wheel speed sensor, make sure it's clean. They have a tendency to collect fine metallic dust.

I replaced the caliper. No issue with the sensor unplugged. When I plug it in, I get no ABS light on the dash, but every time it hit the brakes I get crazy vibrations in the pedal and horrible grinding sounds. Both sets of front brake pads have plenty of life left and the rotors were replaced the last time I did the brakes.

I don't think the problem would be coming from the other side since this problem started immediately following the passenger side hub assembly replacement. I think the replacement unit they gave me is faulty.

Could be a faulty hub or very warped rotors.

It happens.

It was a faulty hub.

How do you get a faulty new hub assembly?

Did someone clean up a used one and return it to the store?

At least it didn't take you too long to figure out the problem!

I was surprised too, intelisevil. Process of elimination. It was the last thing - I replaced everything else around it that it could have been. Luckily it all needed replacing anyway.