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brake issues, any ideas?

would the air bubble cause the rears not to bleed? can't even get air out of em. gonna try to adjust the rears before i take the wheels off and start looking for chit.

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i dont thinkso...thats the point of bleeding them....unles its in the master....

can't even get air out of em

air or brake fluid? if yur opening the bleeders and not getting fluid, take the bleeder out and see if it is clogged. dirt and rust can build up in them preventing bleeding as well.

yeah, no bubbles in the bottle. was thinking about disc on the back. would look better with the new wheels. is the conversion hard.

not sure on that. may want to look at a rear disk set up on a newer X.
removal of backing plate, figureing out a way to mount the caliper bridge and claiper, rotors, and parking brake cable(depending on the style of caliper the cable may or may not be needed) some calipers that require the parking brake will freeze up from the brake not being set, and some dont. there are a lot of things to look at. most of the newer style set ups i have seen run a drum style parking break inside the hat of the rotor.

There are also "upgrade kits" available online. Do a Google search for those.

You can also search this site for more info on swapping in from a newer model.


correct me if I'm wrong but I thought a 94 had 4 wheel ABS