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Brake Lights and Flashers Fuses


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April 6, 2009
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Miami, FL
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02 Sport Trac 4x4
Hi everyone,

Haven't been able to post around here in a while as I have been super busy for over a year.

I have an issue that is puzzling me a bit. The fuses for my brake lights and my flasher that make the turn signals work keep blowing. Anyone have any idea? I think they are related to one another but they don't blow at the same time.

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If you have trailer wiring I'd look at that first, then the MFS plug.

Hi Steve, the MFS=Multi Function Switch?

Multi Function Switch, yes.
The politically correct term for that troublesome switch!

BOOM! :)


That could cause the problem!:thumbsup:

Good call Steve! BTDT huh? ;)

Aloha my friend!
Well no but that would be the easiest to check and one of the few places where all of the mentioned circuits converge.

I'd zip tie the connector up behind the bumper so that doesn't happen again if you don't tow a lot. I would advise against cutting it off though because you'll cuss it out as soon as you need it.

I must have removed it from it's bracket at one time. I found it in between the bumper and the cowling. It was touching the bumper. Anyway I coated the exposed wires with liquid electrical tape and put it back where it's supposed to go, on it's little bracket.

My tach has started working again but it does that sometimes so I am not sure if it's related to this issue.