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Brake Lights Not Working

Big G

April 3, 2006
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Whistler, BC, Canada
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Hi Folks,

I'm away from home for the weekend and my brake lights have stopped working. I only have a few tools with me. I've checked the following:

- Removed the trailer wiring harness
- Bulbs are fine (4-way flashers work)
- Checked all fuses

My uneducated guess is that it's probably an issue with the switch at the pedal. Does anyone know a way to test this (without a test light)? Any other ideas?

I would really appreciate any ideas as all mechanics and autoparts shops are closed for the long weekend.



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You could take a short piece of wire, paper clip etc. and short the two wires at the break switch and see if you lights come on. If they do you need a switch.

Ok. So the latest is that I took the switch off the brake pedal. Worked it a bit by hand and now it works fine.

Bad news is that when I was monkeying around with it the black plastic bracket at the top of the pedal broke. This bracket activates a white plunger switch. Can anyone tell me what this switch does?

Really appreciate the help.


Sounds like the switch on my 5.0 that makes you press the clutch to have a standard?

I also had a bad switch

Found out that I didn't have brake lights on sat night, every ford dealer closed on sunday, but was able to get one this morning and replaced it and now all is good. I had to use a toggle switch and some scrap wire to get them to work till I got to my Ford parts guy. Funny thing is I had a state emissions test last week and they DIDN'T check lights. I'm guessing that I hadn't had any brake lights for about a week. Has anyone else had no brake lights that wasn't the switch? I'm hoping that my issue won't be more involved in the future.

Multi-Function Switch = No Break Lights

The problem is in the multifunction switch controls, I had this same problem, checked bulbs, wiring, break switch etc etc... the problem was in the multifunction switch. You can replace it but if it can also be fixed, the problem is with the wires, over time they come loose from the connector sockets and thus you have dead circuit.

You need to remove the steering column covers, and then remove the multi-function switch by unscrewing the two screws that hold it in place, once you do so, check all wires and make sure they are SNUGLY fit into the connector sockets, in particular look for a Green/orange wire and a Blue/w wire. If these or any of the wires are loose, find a way to make them stay snug and your break light nightmare will be over.

here is a link with illustration...