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Brake pedal pad


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February 11, 2007
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Strongsville, OH
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03 Limited
This can't be that hard a thing to find.

I've worn my brake pedal pad (no, not brake pads, it's the rubber pad that fits over the brake pedal) through to the metal. I need a new one.

I've just spent 15 minutes online trying to find one even listed. I can't even find one listed at the Ford site - they list a parking brake pedal pad (and the picture points to the brake pedal pad?? obvious mistake?) but not a brake pedal pad.

I didn't find any messages here about it either.

Anyone know the part number for a brake pedal pad? I've got a 2003 Limited, adjustable pedals.


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If you can't find a new one, I would think you could find a good one in a junkyard.

You could try painting the pedal with bed liner/undercoating. I believe that it has only has to have a "non-slip" surface to pass inspection, not necessarily the stock rubber cover.

available from Ford

For your reference, I had no problem ordering a set of fresh pads for my manual transmission 95 Explorer through the Ford OEM parts webpage, about $35 including shipping.

Try going to car shops. You can bring your car to Ford to look for the pedal pad that you need.. I'm sure they have one.