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Brake problem (pic inside)

Greaser Tony

May 18, 2006
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Mechanicsville, VA
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'99 Sport
I noticed today I had a soft pedal and felt like I had no brakes. So I pulled over in a parking lot and got out and checked the brake fluid, I had none. I looked under the truck and it was dripping a lot from the rear of the truck. I checked to see if any lines or anything was leaking but there wasn't. There was also a hissing noise like something was spraying but I couldn't tell where it was coming from because I couldn't push on the brake and look..... I got home and got someone to push on the brakes while I was under there seeing where it came from because it was hard to tell because brake fluid was everywhere and it started spraying a lot out of this...


But I have no idea as to what that is.

Man I'm stupid lol.. It wasn't spraying out of that like I thought. The brake line that sits on top of the rear end had holes in it from rust and it was spraying out so fast that it looked like it was spraying down, but really it was spraying up out of the brake line. :eek: Anyways, I got it fixed, but now I need a new master cylinder.

So your master clinder got bottomed out? OUch!

glad you got it fixed :)

Yeah, but now after a couple of days of driving it seems fine now. I'm not complaining though.