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Brake Problems on a 2000 Ranger.


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December 7, 2004
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Hey everyone!
Incase anyone is wondering I'll make what my thread is about clear up front so if its not what you want to read about you don't have to waste your time.

Went I took my truck to the shop recently I had the mechanic tell me my brakes felt like they had air in them as the pedal was acting funny. In all honesty, I agreed and it has been a problem for quite some time. You press on the pedal and it seems pretty firm and you do slow down but not as good as you would expect. I had already tried to bleed out the lines by each wheel but nothing seemed to change. I was afraid it was my master cylinder....

It took a second trip back to the mechanic for an inspection for me to finally figure out the problem. BUT- the mechanic didn't give me the solution. I was driving back home through town when I could hear a metal to metal sound coming from the rear. Being familiar with fords and their rear drums and having already done some re-builds to it- adjusters, springs, shoes-- I kind of knew what I was getting myself into.

I got home, pulled the wheel off, and after hamming the snot out of my drum finally got it apart. I pulled the drum off and out onto the ground dropped my adjuster. NIIIIICE. Just as I expected, the cable from the top was broken.... again.

Minus a few minutes of repeated explatives... I went to the parts store and bought some new parts which included, new shoes as the old ones were worn down pretty good, new spring set, new adjusters, a new wheel cylinder and even NEW DRUMS!!! I figured it was about time.

I had to replace the passengers side wheel cylinder a while back and couldn't get the drivers side off to change that one, so I figured now was the best time to replace it since I already had that side apart for repair. SO, home I went for a day filled with joyous brake repairing fun.

Everything came apart fine... EXCEPT that darned brakeline. The fitting on the back of the cylinder was so rusted it wouldn't come loose even with a pooopload of PB blaster. Finally, with the use of some vice grips, it turned! I was able to get the fitting off and the cylinder out.

As I was getting ready to put the new one in, I looked at the brake line. It seemed a little rusted but not bad. I figured I would inspect the line, just because I was a curious fellow. Well, my investigation revealed the solution to my problem that has been a pain for TOO long. Where the lines connect on top of the rear diff I found that my brake line was EXTREMLY rusted there, and even had a small hole in it. Thus, must have been resulting in sucking in just enough air to create the problem, but not a big enough hole to leak fluid as my fluid level never went down.

So a trip back to the parts store, some new brake lines, and Viola! in business! So I completed a whole stinking rear brake rebuild including lines, springs, adjusters, shoes and drums. And all for $180- $200 in parts. After again bleeding the lines to insure proper pressure and functionality, No stiff pedal AND, the thing stops on a dime! I love it. Finally feels like it is working like it should be.

I have one more line I want to replace and that is the one that goes from the master cylinder to the rear. This is pretty rusty but appears in tact. I was afaid to touch it because the fittings, well, I am sure you can imagine they are pretty rusty too. I just didn't want to break more stuff that I wasn't able to tackle yet. I have enough new line to repair this one but the old one is surrounded by a springy looking encasing.... is there a separte style used for this line or what is the deal? Anyone know?

Anyway, down the road here I'll attack this line too. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. hope someone finds these useful or helpful. Thanks for reading!!!! :thumbsup: unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the old brake line. :rolleyes:









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Is this on the Ranger or the Explorer? I want to move this thread to the correct section, but I have to know which vehicle it is first. The New Members forum section is for new members to introduce themselves. Technical questions or helpful how articles should be placed in a section based on the type of vehicle, problem, etc.


Hey sorry about that. This is on the Ranger. I appreciate the assistance and the direction.

my rears were just as bad. if i locked up the brakes in the snow, the rears didnt even stop, only the fronts did. instead of waisting my time working ont he drum set up, i just swapped in a disc set up. along with the newer master cyl. gotta say, my truck has never stopped this good before. lol. its nice having rear brakes.