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brake rotors


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October 27, 1999
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I was looking though my Explorer Express catalog and noticed that the sltted brake rotors don't fit the 91-92 explorers. What is the defferance from the 91-92, to the 93-94? Please help me.

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Hi Jim-I don't know the difference too. I own a '91XLT. Try Advance Rotor Technology on the Resource site. They have one for your '92. I'm sorry but I can't remember the price. I do have it on my computer at work. I'll get you the price they quoted me and post it for you on Monday. I seem to think it was about $150, but I can't be sure. I know it was for slotted rotors and pads. Sit tight and I get you that price on Monday.

Ford changed the type of rotors that they used sometime in 1992. The way to tell if you have the newer set is to get the axle info off of the underside of your front axle and take it to the dealer. Ask about replacing the wheel bearings. If the inner and outer wheel bearings are the same size than you have the new rotors. If they are different sizes than you have the old style. I purchased slotted rotors for my '92 from performance products on sale for $111.00 each. In my opinion they are worth the money. And while you're down there replacing the rotors dont forget to either change and repack the wheel bearings.
hope this helps.


I have a set of ART brake rotors ( on our 1992. I think a set of front rotors and a set of brake pads cost us around $300. They are not only slotted but they are cryo treated as well. There is no comparison between them and the stock rotors. I can stop on a dime now.. I used to be able get the rear ABS to kick on before the front tires would lock. After changing to the new rotors I can get the front to lock up about the same time the rear ABS kicks on. In our opinion it was worth every penny.

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Hi Jim-As promised I checked the quote from ART and Mark is right. It was $300. Sorry I gave you the wrong name of the company (Advance should be Applied). Hope this helps.