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Brakes are driving me crazy


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March 7, 2003
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Lumberton, TX
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98 XLT
What are the causes of bypassing of fluid other than the master cylinder (replaced twice)? (front pads and rotors done, rear pads okay, no leaks, have had fluid flush, and booster replaced)

After the brake job but before the master cylinder work, the symptom is as follows. When I jump quickly to the pedal, the pedal is high and feels/sounds like it is squishing fluid (~1 sec of poor braking) then it firms up and braking improves some. If I am pushing at normal speed it is less pronounced but braking is not as good as it was before the brake job. I did find that the fluid was overfilled after the pads were replaced (1st work done) and some seems to have squirted out of the master cylinder around the cap.

One guy speculated it be a leaking valve on the ABS unit and stated there was no way to test besides replace it (costs $1000). Can it be tested? Could it be that air is in the ABS system? What else is there and what is most likely? Is the proportioning valve an issue?