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Brakes just not cutting it!! SCARY!


February 27, 2006
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Barstow, CA.
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86 Bronco II
Ok guys, I thought I would put this here since it is all explorer parts!

I have a 86 B2 with a 1992 D35 and a 1997 8.8 with disc. James duff stainless lines and all new calipers, pads and rotors.

It has horrible brakes and will not lock up the tires! I replaced the MC with one from a 1996 explorer with disc/disc and still no help. I cannot lock up the brakes and I can only push the pedal down less than half way. After that you need two feet! I am getting frustrated and need some help. Anybody have some ideas??? Is it possible that the 96 MC has the ports reversed and the lines are routed different? Bad Booster and how to check? Need residual pressure valves? Im stumped here :( ! Thanks in Advance!

I'd check/replace the proportioning valve.

I looked but could not find a proportioning valve. AutoZone and Kragen dont list one either.