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brakes sticking?


January 20, 2008
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Explorer '03 Eddie Bauer
I have a '03 explorer 4x4 and when it has been driven for a while the back brakes feel like they stick. I can feel a small thud in the rear tires when I place my hand on them and the truck is rolled forward slowly. I have taken it to two different shops and both say the brakes, rotors, calipers etc. all look good. It seems to be worse when the vehicle is turning. A mechanic in my family has mentioned the limited slip rear end. Is this a problem anyone else has had?


You didn't mention if it got worst when you apply the brakes. Also are the pads worn evenly? Chances are the rotors are warped since they are solid and non-vented. Unless machine costs are low, it may be cheaper to replace. Also check the emergency brakes, make sure it's not binding

Just a FWIW: Keep an eye on/check the 2 caliper mounting bolts - if they start to work loose, you will get a "thud" like sound, since the caliper ass'y is moving (and of course, it should NOT be).