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brakes will not bleed


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April 15, 2004
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91 xlt
i have a 91 x i let the truck sit with open brake line for a period of time i belive that the master cylinder went dry. while instaling new brake lines and trying to bleed the brakes the rear blakes will bleed but the front will not bleed i tryied to bleed the master cylinder by taking off the brake line at the master cylinder only air comes out of. the only way that i can get fluid to come out is too place my finger over the hole and a small amount of fluid will come out. after holding the brake pedal down and reataching the brake lines no brake fluid will come out of the front brakes does it soudn like a bad master cylinder?

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Not necessarily, when you buy a new/rebuilt MC they come with plastic fittings and short hoses to bench bleed them in a vice. They can be a royal pain to bleed on the vehicle. I always bench bleed but maybe someone else can chime in with a suggestion.

no vaccum pump

after removing the mc i put it in a vice put some brake fluid in it and pushed it in and nothing. but when i first removed it i pushed it in for ***** and giggles and fluid only shot out of one of the holes it was the hole for the rear so idk.

how would i take it apart too clean it and what could be the reason that fluid will only come out of one hole.