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January 22, 2008
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'97 EB
So my Ex calls up and says she thinks she needs her brakes replaced and would I come do it. After a few seconds of muttering expletives under my breathe I ask her why she thinks they need replacing and she says they are making a noise. So after a long audible sigh I tell her I'll come over and take a look.

This is what I found on the back end.


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My fronts started dragging the indicators at just over 50k. I was really unhappy with the braking performance of my EB so I used the opportunity to upgrade. Four cross drilled rotors from PowerStop and front and rear pads from Performance Friction GREATLY improved things. The truck now has 125k+ and I have yet to need pads.
I don't know if you want to go this route if it foe your "ex" but anybody else I would highly recommend...

I'd say they're probably due for replacement:D They still look a little better than mine did when I took them off the old mountaineer.


My rotors looked like that last time too. Don't put off doing those rear brakes.

yep, No sense in putting them back on...

Tell her she owes you. You saved her life.

Tell her she owes you. You saved her life.

Not really, both of my rears looked like that and other than the horrible noise there wasn't much of a reduction in braking performance. Not that that means I recommend it, I had to drive on them like that for 3 days while I waited on my powerslots to show up, and I was scared to death the entire time.