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Brand new Tires 31x10.50x15 Falken Wild Peak A/T - 2nd Gen Explorer No lift.

Just got the tires yesterday Falken 31x10.50x15 Falken Wild Peak A/T's they are on my 1998 Ford Explorer 4x4 with 4.0 SOHC. - 4DR

Stock Height (No shackles etc.) - They fit great and I have no rub.
Truck looks like it should now agressive yet mild mannered. I wanted to post pics because when I was researching not alot of good pics up close etc are out there and I want anyone that is thinking of going 31's to just do it.
Trust me you will be happy.

The Falkens are quiet on the road and look just great on my truck.
Mounted on the stock Teardrop 15x7 wheels.... Great mod.
Hope this helps out anyone considering doing this!








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I've got those tires, AWESOME off road for being an all terrain. Just as an fyi, they'll start getting noisy when that tread is gone. Still not as bad as a MT though, but you can hear em if the radio is off or low.

They look great on there. From the pics it seems your cambers negative, if it is get the cam bolts and take it to get aligned, itd suck to tear those tires up on the inside

Good call.... I had it aligned on Saturday and I was still -1.5 degrees negative in front despite everything being new.... could I get away with just cam plates or will I have to do the bolts...

Reason I say that is it took forever to get the other bolts back in lol.
I tell you I wish I had known or when I did the upper arms I would have just done the kit to start with :eek:

You're supposed to be a little negative.. IDK if 1.5 is right or not, I think 1 is right but it's been awhile

I bought the camber kit(s) today.... Moog Problem Solver
Cost $72.00 out the door at Advanced. When I spoke to the tire shop they said just get the ones with the bolts and plates as it allows the most flexibility.

1.5 negative on the spec sheet is red.... Probably does not need to go in much but I will be damned if I ruin new rubber lol.

Going to drop it back off tomorrow. Should be good after that.:thumbsup:

I just bought the same tires in the same size for my 2001 Sport Trac 4x4, to mount on black 15x8 wheels with 0.75" offset (-19mm). These tires do look good, maybe even better than the 30" BFG all-terrain KO's I am taking off my truck. With the wider/offset wheels, will that increase the chance of the front tires rubbing? Or not

Man that looks great. This is a big help, the 235s I have look kind of small, but I was not sure what to do. Could you measure your ride height for me? From the pavement to the top of the fender well?