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Braxton Grey Seat Covers


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September 17, 2006
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STL Metro East, IL
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'05 XLT 4x4
Looking to dress up my interior as the driver seat is showing it's age: Familiar plain jane Ex:

Read this thread: and was going to get the X-bound cover but saw a couple negative reviews on Amazon.

Kept looking and found this:

Didn't care for the color but read a couple reviews that said it matched their grey interior and the price was right.

Pulled them outta the box and was pleasantly surprised they were a bit darker:

They fit decent enough...Drivers:


How they're secured underneath:

And the finished interior:


Passenger side needs some tweaking but overall not bad for $25. We'll see how they wear.

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Very cool. I like these, thanks for posting. Can you post pictures from the back so I can see how they wrap? Also, the material - is it easy to slide in and out on? I've struggled with seat covers that have a material that doesn't slide against your jeans very well, because getting in and out a couple of times tends to shift the covers, etc.

Sorry no back pics but the covers are slip over the seat back, and there's a tongue in between the back portion and seat portion that slides between the 2 and secured to elastic bands coming off of the seat portion.

The foam inside the seat cover is kinda grippy and sometimes it will shift on the seat and sometimes not. You can see what kinda damage my heft does getting in/out of the drivers side. The fabric is decent lets you move freely.


Eh, for $25....they're ok.

Thanks for the update. Might look into grabbing a set for $25. Look better than most other cheap covers.

I know this is an old thread but wanted to thank the OP because I seen this thread and picked up a set and like stated for $25 they are pretty nice. Really helped making it look darker inside instead of the tan and they don't move much. I went with the black and grey tho.


Braxton...The Next Generation

Ok, still have the '00 Sport and at bout 3 years those seat covers had seen better days. They kept the seats in decent condition however...very happy with the purchase. :thumbsup:

So i just picked up a '05 XLT and these seats are still in great shape. I'm a filthy slob so I went searching for another pair of cheap seat covers to help keep my seats from getting trashed.

Hit Amazon and found these:

install the same as the other Braxton set i got. The headrests are kinda sloppy, but wth. I didn't take the seats out this time, so the tie down hooks/straps didn't really last after some rough treatment. Plus, the seat back cover doesn't go all the way down the seat....but, these look pretty good for $20. :)