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Brian1 - Project Super Stock

This project came about because my origional stock coils were starting to sag and I wanted to do something about it. I looked into my options and decided on a Skyjacker 2" lift. I also needed to replace a leaky axle oil seal. Click on the blue links for pictures. All project pics can be viewed Dead Link Removed. The following is what took place and what I did to my Explorer:

Dead Link Removed
This kit included 2 new front coils and 2 rear add-a-leafs. I decided on this kit because I didnt want much lift, I wanted new coils to replace the worn out stock coils and this kit is relatively cheap.
Dead Link Removed
Since I was going to have the front torn apart anyway to replace the seal, I decided to install a front locker. There are a few options for the dana 35. I decided on this particular model because it was a good deal and all the comments from members that have one were positive. The actual locker I installed is an EZ locker re-badged as a Genuine Gear Quick Lok.
Dead Link Removed
My origional axle seal was leaking badly so I had to replace it. The 2 different seals are available at Napa.
Skid Plates
With the mods for better trail performance I decided I needed better skid plate protection. I made my own Dead Link Removed and skid plate as well as a Dead Link Removed and modified the rear shock mounts for more ground clearence.
Extended Brake Lines
Once the lift was installed I flexed the front and found out I needed longer brake lines. The old stock ones were beginning to dry rot anyway. I ordered Pro-Comp extended braided stainless steel brake lines. They went on easily and are very well made.
Front Rancho 5000 Shocks
My front shocks were too short once the lift was on so I ordered Rancho 5000 shocks for the front that were 2.5" longer than stock.
Removing the Dealer's Emblem
Most of you probably have a sticker or emblem that says where you bought your Explorer. I figured a super stocker couldnt have an advertisement for a car dealership so I removed it. I cant even tell it was there.
Adding a "Serious Explorations" Sticker
I have had this small sticker since CCR 2000 and decided it was now the perfect time to put it on the back window. I know I should have done it along time ago :rolleyes:

More installments to come....

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coolness...any plans to duplicate that skidplate and sell them?

Originally posted by jimabena74
coolness...any plans to duplicate that skidplate and sell them?

Yeah - that was the plan but right now I dont have any time. I did make a template so it should be easy to whip out a few more of the diff protectors. I also have plans to sell a few of the rear plates except the stock ones to modify cost a mint here at my local junk yards but I guess thats what a core charge could be for LOL.

Looks good Brian, should be able to tackle some good trails with that setup... We'll have to get together again sometime down the trail...