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BrianDye's '95 Sport Registry!

Traded my old 95 (4 Door) for a mint 2001 Taurus SES, loved the car, drove great, great on gas, but it made me realize, im an SUV dude, not a car dude. (Unless its a muscle car or something classic :p) I replied to a CL ad, about this 95 Explorer Sport, and the guy called me and told me about it. (There were no pics, nor information besides mileage, and that it needed nothing and ran great) I asked him if he wouldnt mind to email me some pictures of it before I come all that way up there (70mi) and he said he just put some on the ad, so I checked it out, and it looked like my 95's twin before I painted the stuff. One member on here pointed out that the last picture showed the top corners of the REAR doors, so I knew it was the wrong pictures. (I thought it was just the one, but they were all wrong)

So tonight I got there, (he brought it to his house because the dealer was already closed) and brought all the paperwork to transfer plates, and the title and whatnot, but I got there, and this thing was nothing what I expected, it was in MINT condition, chrome wheels shining like theyre brand new, paint looks no older than a year, and everything worked great, drove great, quiet exhaust, 4x4 works, all that good stuff, and only 138k miles. So we traded (signed all the papers, etc)

I cant get over how nice it is, theres nicer ones out there, but damn it wasnt what I was expecting haha.

Its got the stock JBL system, so its gonna be a PITA to put my system in!









I have NEVER in my life though seen such a DUSTY engine compartment


And I have never (even on newer cars) seen a functioning hood light!

AND a power antenna!!! (Dusty as hell on that side lol)




Current Mods: (No order)

1. 3" off road lights behind the grille
2. 7 color changing LED bulbs in the reflectors on the door
3. 12" white LED strips (x4) to replace dome lighting
4. 36 LED reverse bulbs
5. 194 SMD LEDs in the gauge cluster, and temp. controls
6. Tinted taillights (Not the white part)
7. Removed roof rack (the bars, not the actual track yet)
8. Duralast Gold battery
9. Kinetik high power cell behind the backseats
10. Analog Voltimeter gauge in the center console
11. 194 SMD LEDs in the license plate lights
12. Scoche single din dash kit
13. Platimum Battery terminals
14. Removed CD changer
15. Became Elite!!!
16. Installed PAC Amp gain controller (Remote bass knob, uses RCA's) in the dash kit slot
17. Removed all dome light bulbs, still trying to figure something out for them...
18. Ran my own speaker wire until my wiring harness comes in the mail
19. Sanded & painted front wiper arms
20. Put SoundBox in the center console, mounted PS speaker behind grill (See page 4 video)
21. Added a Scosche In-line Noise Supressor (#ES034) Which eliminates bumps, and whining (interference) from speakers/subs etc
22. Ordered my Black Projector headlights! Hopefully ill have them by this week!

Future Mods:

1. 18/20 or 22" Rims
2. Lower 2"
3. Aftermarket CAI
4. Black 1 piece projectors w/ halos
5. 10,000k HIDs in the projectors
6. 10,000k HIDs in the fogs
7. Shave roof rack
8. Limo tint
9. Rear hatch update (98' Style hatch/tails)
10. Black altezza tails
11. LED taillights, and ALL blinkers/running lights
12. 16" flipdown monitor, or 2 10" flipdowns
13. Rust restoration
14. Heated mirrors w/ puddle lights (LED of course:D)
15. Paint the wiper valance
16. Newer style front bumper with cirlce fogs
17. Rollpan in back
18. Color changing underbody LED kit
19. HID Reverse lights!

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Nice scenic pictures, is that a graveyard of old concrete?

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Haha no thats just Monroes wonderful idea of an "absorbent" shoreline (Lake Erie used to flood ALL the time, so they dumped all that broken cement where no one lives by, to absorb some of the water when it gets high lol)

Anyways, ive honestly never "truly offroaded" if that makes sense. Meaning ive never driven through any mud trails, snow trails etc, and I originally had wanted to make my explorer a street truck, (e.g. lowering, 20's) but now after a few times of climbing hills, going through ditches on trails, etc I would miss it so much to have the ability to be able to drive off road at all lol, AND after seeing some off road with style, AKA maknos94's mounty, with 20" off roading rims on some bigass tires, ive decided that I want to lift mine, not sure if/when that would happen, but id like to get about 5 or 6" at least, and some decent sized tires, nothing huge, but something good looking, and that would get through mud and snow lol

Heres the pics that convinced me:


(Credit to macknos94)

looking good brian

I take back everything I said about X2. After that first week of talking to "Chris" I though it was a great company, GREAT customer service, ALWAYS replied to an email within the hour (At reasonable hours of course), and prompt shipping, which the first time I believe took about 6-7 days.

After I ordered the BLACK set, and got the chrome ones in the mail, WITH faulty LEDs, I sent them back, which costed 44$, he only refunded me 29$, which I said was fine, because I was so anxious to get these lights, plus I had just sold my 92.

I thought since I had sent a tracking number, he could send the new ones out, but he had to wait to recieve mine. It took about 7 days to get them there. The day I got the email from UPS they were deliverd to X2, I emailed him back, he previously told me he would send them "priority" saying that they should only take about 3 days to ship that way. So I emailed him the same day he recieved mine, asking him to send me a tracking number when he sent my new ones out. Never heard back. 2 Days later, got on their site, and did the live chat. "Hi Brian my names Chris how can I help you?" I told him my info, and asked whats the deal with my lights, etc. No response, for almost 25 minutes, I asked if anyone was there, hello, etc, nothing. So I called the next day. Phone line was "busy" ALL day. So after a week of nothing, finally get an email with my tracking info, and he said sorry for the delay, blah blah. I emailed back and said no problem, etc, checked the number, and he had sent them out THAT DAY. NOT priority, just standard UPS ground. He said they were getting a huge shipment of HIDs in, and if I was interested he'd cut me quite a deal. I told him I was very interested, STILL havent heard back from him, this was 4 days ago.

So today, longest day at school ever, knowing the lights were getting delivered today, get home. Open the box. They sent me CHROME ones AGAIN! I emailed him at about 3, saying that I repeatedly asked him to double check that these were black housings. And that I wanted black ones, NOT chrome ones.

Still havent heard anything back. I am so unsatisfied with these its not even funny. The H11 bulb output is BEYOND WORDS horrible, I could barely see, PLUS the damn housings dont even fit right.

Im gonna tell him either NEXT DAY AIR the black ones out, and REFUND my 45$ when I ship these back, or I want my money back, and they'll be getting a big fat NEGATIVE feedback on eBay.

While that all sucks... he probably doesn't care about negative feedback. Time to get your money back and move on... stop pissing away time & effort on this guy.

Anywho, heres pics: :D









The cutoff is so weird but I like it haha
They arent aimed yet btw haha

Make up yer mind :p

Woah, how did you get the halo's That bright? Is it just the camera, have you found out to change the LED's to SMD's or something????? They look bright as hell.

Must just be the camera, plus the pics with the halo's were taken in complete darkness haha.

Just a 2.0mp cell phone camera...I honestly hate these halos on there, after seeing the other "real" halos, with like 80+ LEDs, I wonder to myself why didnt they use that type of halo in these? You cant really see them unless its at least halfway dark outside, I thought they were broke a couple times yesterday but I just realized its too bright outside.

I would love to buy those kits or send these in and get the good halo's put in....I might talk to jason@flashtech about it....infact im gonna ask right now lol

SMD LED's would be the way to go for the easier solution... I want to do mine but I don't wanna be the first to tear into these.. they're not the cheapest thing.

I dont know even how the halos work lol, but yea x2 on the not being first todo it, Id love to be the first, but im HORRIBLE at baking and opening lights haha if they were stockers, id do it. NOT for these badboys :p:

What are the halos in them? A couple LEDs? Obviously like 2 facing opposite of eachother, causing the tube to glow im guessing....not the GOOD ones with like 80 LEDs :(

You got it, that's exactly how it works. I mean just imagine a blue, or white single SMD pointed at each end.. just those two lights would cause the halo to glow so much.

Maybe the seller can do the mod if shipping is paid?

so brian u got hids on it

GREAT NEWS! Got the black housings in today FINALLY!!! Yes, the black ones :D

Haha, as much as it kills me to say it though, im waiting to put them in, because I ordered some beautiful 10,000k HIDs to go in them which should be here in the next few days :thumbs:

I also went to BestBuy this morning, drove all the way to toledo in the blizzard we had lol to get this HP computer package they had a good deal going on, its one of the slimline HP's, s5304y I thinks the model, had the tower, which is dual 2.7 GHz processors, 4gb's of ram, 750gb HD, lightscribe, etc all that good stuff, and a 20" high def HP monitor for 499$ im selling my laptop to a guy for 400$ in a couple days, and then my other 20" compaq flat panel monitor so ill be making all my money back its great :D

Oh yea, I also recieved my new lower valance for my bumper, which im sanding down because of some god forsaken hidden rust haha





Excuse the mess lol my rooms trashed at the moment cus im going through everything haha

Man,those HIDs looks SWEET. :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see em installed.

Those are just the projector housings (with Halos and LEDs) the actual HID bulbs wont be here for a few more days, which are going in the projectors lol I cant wait either me :p:

looks good brian

Looks good. If you wanted a valance I would have given mine away haha.

Well damnit...thats like 3 people now on here that have told me that LOL.
Its no biggie, it was only like 35$ shipped, and it was here 2 days later, brand new still.

Thanks for the offer though :D

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Lol yea its all good. Heck if ya got it in brand new condition even better mine has some wear to it and not the fog light version.