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BrianDye's '95 Sport Registry!

Traded my old 95 (4 Door) for a mint 2001 Taurus SES, loved the car, drove great, great on gas, but it made me realize, im an SUV dude, not a car dude. (Unless its a muscle car or something classic :p) I replied to a CL ad, about this 95 Explorer Sport, and the guy called me and told me about it. (There were no pics, nor information besides mileage, and that it needed nothing and ran great) I asked him if he wouldnt mind to email me some pictures of it before I come all that way up there (70mi) and he said he just put some on the ad, so I checked it out, and it looked like my 95's twin before I painted the stuff. One member on here pointed out that the last picture showed the top corners of the REAR doors, so I knew it was the wrong pictures. (I thought it was just the one, but they were all wrong)

So tonight I got there, (he brought it to his house because the dealer was already closed) and brought all the paperwork to transfer plates, and the title and whatnot, but I got there, and this thing was nothing what I expected, it was in MINT condition, chrome wheels shining like theyre brand new, paint looks no older than a year, and everything worked great, drove great, quiet exhaust, 4x4 works, all that good stuff, and only 138k miles. So we traded (signed all the papers, etc)

I cant get over how nice it is, theres nicer ones out there, but damn it wasnt what I was expecting haha.

Its got the stock JBL system, so its gonna be a PITA to put my system in!









I have NEVER in my life though seen such a DUSTY engine compartment


And I have never (even on newer cars) seen a functioning hood light!

AND a power antenna!!! (Dusty as hell on that side lol)




Current Mods: (No order)

1. 3" off road lights behind the grille
2. 7 color changing LED bulbs in the reflectors on the door
3. 12" white LED strips (x4) to replace dome lighting
4. 36 LED reverse bulbs
5. 194 SMD LEDs in the gauge cluster, and temp. controls
6. Tinted taillights (Not the white part)
7. Removed roof rack (the bars, not the actual track yet)
8. Duralast Gold battery
9. Kinetik high power cell behind the backseats
10. Analog Voltimeter gauge in the center console
11. 194 SMD LEDs in the license plate lights
12. Scoche single din dash kit
13. Platimum Battery terminals
14. Removed CD changer
15. Became Elite!!!
16. Installed PAC Amp gain controller (Remote bass knob, uses RCA's) in the dash kit slot
17. Removed all dome light bulbs, still trying to figure something out for them...
18. Ran my own speaker wire until my wiring harness comes in the mail
19. Sanded & painted front wiper arms
20. Put SoundBox in the center console, mounted PS speaker behind grill (See page 4 video)
21. Added a Scosche In-line Noise Supressor (#ES034) Which eliminates bumps, and whining (interference) from speakers/subs etc
22. Ordered my Black Projector headlights! Hopefully ill have them by this week!

Future Mods:

1. 18/20 or 22" Rims
2. Lower 2"
3. Aftermarket CAI
4. Black 1 piece projectors w/ halos
5. 10,000k HIDs in the projectors
6. 10,000k HIDs in the fogs
7. Shave roof rack
8. Limo tint
9. Rear hatch update (98' Style hatch/tails)
10. Black altezza tails
11. LED taillights, and ALL blinkers/running lights
12. 16" flipdown monitor, or 2 10" flipdowns
13. Rust restoration
14. Heated mirrors w/ puddle lights (LED of course:D)
15. Paint the wiper valance
16. Newer style front bumper with cirlce fogs
17. Rollpan in back
18. Color changing underbody LED kit
19. HID Reverse lights!

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Got my 2nd sub in and everything wired up for some kick ass bass again :D:D:D

Im much better as a photographer. I suck at videos, mainly because of lighting, and the stupid pulldown I have doesnt do much on video. I want to upgrade to the cordless LED worklights, but havent gotten around to it yet.

Sorry for the short video, it was like 1230am here lol didnt wanna piss people off

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hey brian the video not working for me

nvm its working now

This was me and my dad a few years back gettin our new family sedan:

(LOL, Nat'l Lampoons Vacation was on today, and I had to get a picture of that ride)
I dont understand the design. Not at all! Double headlights on each side, double taillights, piss green paint, with some wood paneling that doesnt even look close to being "even" with the car.

I finally got myself out, and got a new set of big screws. I had been using about 12 different size screws for the 16 holes between the 2 subs to mount them. Yes, I know, very crappy installation, but like I said, im doing this one right. No jimmy riggin.


As its been for a few days: (The one was hooked up)

Now :)

Says "TAPE1" LOL, should say iPod

looking good brian

Thanks man....I swear if they ever make a camera that can capture all sounds, incuding bass without it distorting, I will buy it.

My subs sound so ****ty on camera, but when I was recording that video, I was deaf lol

Went to WalMart last night, LOL and seen these badboys on sale for like 44$, so I couldnt pass them up, I needed a better set of speakers for the back anyways.


Then I got a roll of 50' of (14 or 16? idr) gauge speaker wire to run all my own wiring, im sick of waiting to find the right harness to bypass the amp





Ive got all the speaker wire ran from each speaker, besides the front drivers door. I was whooped, and my arms and hands were scratched to hell, so that doors gonna wait til tomorrow morning LOL.

I realized something else...I have a power antenna, how the hell do I get it up with an aftermarket radio without using the rear amp at all?

Also, what kind of connector do I need to buy to re-route the antenna wire from the passenger kick panel, where it disconnects, that end will have to be a male, and then the other end to the stereo a male too, do they make those?

Figured id upload my first BORED lol

I decided on these taillights. I like them for the fact that theyre black already, and I like the little bit of chrome, and the 3 seperate fixtures so to speak.

Im gonna have all LED bulbs in them, or at least in the running/brake, and the reverse lights, til I can get the thing to make my blinkers still work with LEDs then ill have the LED blinkers too.


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Damn I just took the LS out to run across town to walmart for my mom, and damn.

I said id choose my explorer over it, but I take that back LOL.
I love how good that thing handles and feels, and the little features like the firmer steering the faster you go, I love everything about that car besides the price tag LOL.

I drove the hell outta that thing just now (took all the back roads :D)

looks good so far brian

Thank you sir :)
Im planning on a dual HU setup now...flipout headunit, with my Sony under it, I love my sony, and I have that thing tuned to a T with my speakers and subs, so ill just wire the outputs of the flipout into the sony...

Just got a bite on my Kenwood headunit, for 300$, I told him $325 and its his...looks like my projectors are gonna be coming in the next month :D:D:D

Finally got to putting my Sony HU back in.

Dont have a dash kit, or amp bypass, ran all my own wires (as you see in above posts) and tonight threw the HU in.

I used the old support bracket for the stock headunit, which bolted right up with my Sony, and its actually in there pretty good, it can bounce up, but not back and fourth or front to back.



Just got a bite on my Kenwood headunit, for 300$, I told him $325 and its his...looks like my projectors are gonna be coming in the next month :D:D:D

Wasn't your mom in a bit of a financial snag? Just a suggestion, but I'd use that money to help her out instead.

Lol well either way, the dude shockingly backed out BECAUSE it doesnt have an SD slot.

Anyways, I took back my wheel bearings and all that I had bought for my 92, and got store credit, from no reciept, but picked up a couple things ive been wanting.

2 sets of 24" (4 pieces total) of white LED strips to replace my dome lighting
A pair of 3" Pilot aux. lights, mounting behind my grill, and they are damn bright
A SunPro voltimeter gauge, which is the only thing I got done tonight haha.

I got the lights mounted, but no wires ran yet, this was just a straight shot to the battery for visualization

I actually dont belive the lights were even screwed down yet in this pic, but thats where I put them



I mounted the voltimeter in the smaller hole thing on the piece below the radio bezel, and also added a switch, so I didnt have to run wires to the fusepanel and get way more into detail than needed lol, and I wired the backlight into the ashtray light, so it even dims with the dash too



I didnt get a chance to snap a pic of it when I finally put it back in and wired it up though


I got my SMD LEDs today finally, along with my new platinum battery terminals from DB.

Got them in, and wow I was even happier than my new LED strips, my gauges/ac controls are blue now! It looks so much better!

Tons of pics
No lights on besides domes

Stock bulbs

After: (Pics make them look the same, but I assure you its a night and day diff.)

Gauges before:

Stock and LED comparison

The LEDs are a tad longer, same diameter, but didnt have ANY fitment problems besides the battery, and oil gauge, it was a little to long, but I just pushed it in harder and it fit.






I was very weary about the output being "patchy" or something, but its honestly not, as you can tell in the pics, the only thing is that the "20" on the speedo is a little brighter than everything else

Gauge/Temp LED Conversion: 22$ shipped from eBay

looks good brian keep up good work

The blue dash looks awesome, good job. I thought the gauges had a green film on them, did you have to scrap it off? I would do this but i am in no mood to change my window buttons and cruise control buttons to blue haha. I dont want mismatching colors.

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Thanks guys, sport-yea theres that green film, but appearently with white LEDs it ends up being blue lol, all I did was swap bulbs, nothing else. I thought about trying that, becuase it would look pretty cool being all white, but I didnt really have much time earlier.

Im gonna look into getting a soldering kit so I can do my switches, not nessecarily my door switches, but like the 4x4, cruise, etc, that would look sweet! I know of one member who had a LED thread and he replaced like every single bulb with LEDs