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broke both rear coil springs

Thats what I said about mine until a few months later they started to sqeek and one side started to sag, Monroe quick struts are going in this week.

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Broken Coils

I have a 2003 Eddie Bauer V8 and the two right side coils have been broken since I bought it.
It leans to the left which is no big deal.
The danger is on snow covered roads. It has a tendency to try and swing around to the right.
I am a professional driver with over 3 million miles and it scared me to drive it in the winter.
I will repair them in a week or two. Had other repairs needed first. Bad surge at idle and worn out front bearings. Also both front sway bushings were snapped off. Quick fix.
I like the vehicle so I am going to keep replacing and repairing at least for awhile.

Broken Coils

Sorry, it leans obviously to the right!!

Broken Coil Springs

I have the right front and right rear coils broken on my ride.
The danger is in snow especially.
The truck tries and turns right when it hits a snow windrow.
Scares the daylights out of people.

I just replaced both rear coil springs with struts this weekend and it wasn't a bad job.The left spring was broken on the second and third ring plus the coil was spun.The right side was not broken but the coil spun and the bottom rung was off the spring seat on the strut.

Has anybody changed the rear coil springs in an '02 explorer, it is a common problem
The car is jacked up,wheels off I feel a little stupid, I cant get the 3rd seat out rear nuts off of studs, what is next????.

Get a racheting wrench for the top three nuts.It is a little tight but alot easier the using a regular box wrench.You need to remove the rear tie rod end.It is easier to take the tie rod nut off in the center for the truck then the one near the brakes.You will need a long bar once you get everything loose so you can get the lower control arm down far enough to get the strut out.

My 2002 got a serious "death wobble" to it the other day. When you accelerate and let off the vehicle pulls to the left and when you go around curves it is extremely loose and begins to sway, it scares me... if I would have been on ice it would have been a disaster. Well I got out the floor jack today and looked up under the trucks to check all the tie rods and wheel bearings when I noticed the bottom of the right front coil is broken completely snapped (I only noticed it because of the daylight shining through it). I was getting ready to order a replacement and right before I clicked the order button I decided to check the others.. I never would have guessed that both rear coils were shattered at the top. I pulled couple chunks of spring out of the coil, that's how unbelievably bad they are.. and one of the things that gets me is it sits LEVEL. The front left is "good" but all 4 are getting replaced. I have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that 3 out of 4 coils failed at the same time... then I got on google.. I had no idea about all the failures. I just got done filing an online complaint with the NHTSA. I know somebody posted this before but here is a link to NHTSA to file a complaint online..

The more complaints they get the better chance they will look into this..

Ford needs to fix this screw up before someone gets killed cause of this f'up.. I have worked on vehicles for a few years now.. but I have never seen multiple springs fail to the point of breaking at the same time.. Springs aren't supposed to break under normal conditions, sag ok, but snap???

Right Front

Right Rear

Left Rear

My rear coil springs also broke a few weeks ago, the mechanic who fixed it said that he has never seen broken springs before; my response to him was "you can expect everything to go wrong on an 02 explorer

There is a lot of truth to that, I change the strut/coils last weekend... discovered the rear wheel bearings (mainly the left rear was bad) were roached and the right rear toe link was bad... I also changed a DPFE sensor last Friday because I was getting codes P0401 and P0402 (which are two different side of the same coin) and a front left brake caliper. Now that I have rebuilt half the truck I am not sure if I should keep it or get rid of it...