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Broken Antenna- Need Help

Lol, I am still here biktkahuna, I like that short antenna, but I saw an 07 Limited the other day with nothing but a window antenna, and it looked GOOD, not cheesy at all. Let me ask you this though, How would I install the amplified window antenna into the explorer since it needs a 12V ground, just like a power antenna?

Power connection isn't too hard - hopefully. I just hard wired in my radar detector on my Miata using an 'add-a-circuit' widget from AutoZone ($6?). I'm no car DIY guru so if I can do it, anyone can. HOWEVER, I just went out to look for the INSIDE CAR fuse box which the manual says is below the steering wheel, and I can't find it!!!!! :confused:

Here's the other one:
Better price here!
As you can see it's a '44-FD801' and you can google it to find plenty of places that have it. Also should be on eBay.

Excellent, thanks bitkahuna! $9 is pretty darn cheap for a sacrificial antenna....even it is only to get a silly bolt. haha. Still only about $20 total to get a stubby antenna. Will let you know how it goes.