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Broken Hood Release Cable


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September 29, 2008
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96 Eddie Bauer
My hood release cable had been sticking/ not really working. It was a real big pain in the ass to get the hood cracked open.

Well over the weekend it finally snapped.

I can't get a good grip with channel locks to pull it fromt he inside.

How can I get the hood open fromt he outside?

I figure I will take out the assembly and just install hood pins to make future life much easier.

Cut the cable under the hood where you can reach it easily. Trim back the housing a bit and get a grip on the cable there.

Then, instead of butchering the hood with pins, go spend a few bucks on a new cable. They aren't that hard to install.

Rubber hood catchers, better alternative than hood pin. Light weight too. :thumbsup:


Well the cable completely stretched even when I grabbed it from the grill.

I got the hood open then held it closed with some duct tape till I went and bought two rubber latches.

removed the whole assembly and now have a menaer loking hood that opens and closes easily and when I want it to.

Now to replace those freakin worn out gas shocks so the hood stops shutting on my head!