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Broken hub


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October 27, 2007
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Richland, WA
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'94 XLT 4x4
Well last night i went with a couple friends out wheelin and after i heard some clicking and i thought my wheel bearing was bad but i just managed to do this..yay..:thumbdwn: so i was wondering who has some manual hubs i can buy or better yet can i go to the junk yard and take some off of a bronco II? fill me in guys i need some help! thanks



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Whats your truck, you don't have it stated in your sig. or under your name, is it an explorer/navajo or ranger/b-series? Were they stock hubs or aftermarket?

its a 94 xlt Explorer and yes they were stock hubs

Not 100% sure but I believe that the BII was a diff. size hub. If you go to a junkyard ya may find some first gen. explorers with the manual hubs. I think you could even put WARNs on your explorer.

...for sure the 91-94 1st gen manual hubs and the 93-97 ranger hubs are all swappable...if you want to break down and buy new ones i just posted new prices for hubs , including spindle nut sets....btw, the manual hubs were originally made by warn for's a link to pn#'s and prices...;)

's one of those things...i don't think you could call them warn brand but, they are ford, made by warn...:dunno:
...considering the housings are 24 years old on the first gens, sometimes buying new could be a plus depending on your amount of wheeling...trying to find a used set on here or at the jy can be hard as they are a much wanted item...i'm still looking for spares thats why i broke down and got the prices the other day...still haven't coughed up the dough yet...:confused:

yeah, I have a spare here at home but I know the prices of'em and kinda hate to sell it incase I ever need it.

gah i just want some manuals. so on some of the first gens some come with manuals that i can snag a junk yard you guys think? or how about a jeep with a D35?