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Broken Ignition pin Fix?


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March 1, 2022
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2001 Ford Explorer Sport
So, I was in the process of replacing my ignition and noticed that part of the end of the ignition snapped off and is currently stuck in the ignition housing (I'm assuming because I snapped it trying to turn the key). The steering column is locked, but I have no idea how to remove the piece without replacing it, or damaging the internal components. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pls and thanks

20220226_133904.jpg 20220226_133806.jpg

Your first pic, I assume that is the replacement cylinder as it doesn't have the end broke off?

The second pic, looks like you need to spray some lube in and grab it with stout pliers and rotate counter-clockwise? I could have that backwards and it needs to go clockwise but based on the cam angles it looks like more interference clockwise, but it really depends on the range of motion of the linkage to the ignition switch, and from a normal locked position, clockwise seems to make more sense, turning key towards run/start position. Heh, maybe semi-gently wiggle it both directions and see which ends up with more play.

Might be easier with the ignition switch disconnected. If that doesn't work, then I'd just start taking whole steering column apart till I had better access. If you damage it, I'd get a pull from a junkyard... they can't want much for a steering column component.
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