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Broken Motor Mount Bolts

Josh C.

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August 28, 2011
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1998 Mounty v8 AWD
Figured out why my whole drivelive would bang and twist when I put it in reverse, the two motor mount studs from the engine to the motor mounts had snapped off (passenger side). I need some opinions.
I took it to Jerry's broken drill and tap removal in Santa Ana ( He looked at it and there isn't enough clearance to get the broken studs out without the engine being removed. I want to avoid this because of the cost and PITA factor.
My other thought was to weld new studs to the block but a few people recommended that welding a hardened steel bolt to cast iron its difficult and might not work
the mobile mechanic told me about engine straps. That I might be able to attache a strap to a block bolt and the other end of the strap to the frame. This seems like the easiest and cheapest route. Has anyone done this? Where did you get the straps from? What kind are they?

this has happened to me too. I had to take out the motor mount after supporting the engine then i took a center punch to the middle of it. Then used a reverse bit on an angle drill. Its a pita to do it but that how i got it out. but make sure u do put the right grade bolt back in it. I would put a grade 8 bolt back in.


I need to replace my bolts

Trying to find info on the proper bolt size, 2000 5L explorer, motor mount to the block