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Broken Rear Spring - 2002 Exploder - FIXED!


November 30, 2009
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Thanks to the help of this forum, I replaced both my rear springs and struts last night on my 2002 Explorer. The passenger side broke the other evening when my wife was driving the truck.

I purchased a pair of Monroe Quick Struts for $372, and through the end of May, there's a $60 rebate, so grand total was $312.

The hardest part of the job was loosening the top 3 13MM nylock nuts, but it wasn't too bad. Here's how I did it.

1) jack vehicle, place floor jack under frame
2) remove tire
3) remove sway bar end link
4) remove knuckle to lower control arm bolt
5) remove strut to lower control arm bolt
6) remove 3 x 13MM bolts from top of shock tower
7) place an 8' 2x4 between the frame and top front of lower control arm. Have buddy push down on other end of 2x4. This will really lower the LCA, and give you plenty of room to remove the strut/spring assembly.

Install, with quick strut, in reverse order.

I had about 45 mins in the first side, and 30 mins in the other side. Pneumatic tools help greatly, and spray all the bolts with PB Blaster or other penetrating oil the night before. Oh, and buy a 13MM gear wrench (ratcheting box-end wrench) if you don't have it. It's a huge help on the top three bolts.

Have fun,


I'm glad you posted this, it reminded me that I needed to order mine. $511 later, they should arrive about the time my lift spacers get here. After the $150 rebate they'll net out at about $90 a corner.

How do you find the ride with the quick struts? I am thinking of using them when the time comes.