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broken rear sway bar endlinks question

Mine broke making an ungodly banging sound for 5 seconds every time I hit a bump.


I got a new set at Advance Auto. I think they were made by MOOG.


No need to keep the vehicle on the ground as I have read. Just remove the tire and support that end with a jack stand. Otherwise you'll never get underneath the vehicle to remove it.

The hard part was removing the hourglass piece. You wouldn't think metal would seize to plastic but mine did. I had to get out the cutting disc and cut it off. That took about 2 hours.


Then 5 minutes later I had the new one installed:


Noticed this scraping on the inside of the rim while I had it off:


Anybody have any idea what caused this to happen? Some moron at a tire store trying to mount a tire?

You have WAY more threads showing than I do. I only had 1 thread (maybe 2mm) extending thru the end. You appear to have nearly 1 inch of thread. I think you have things too tight, which will do the same as my 1st set did...they will break quickly.

I think this is a result of jacking up 1 side at a time, and removing a wheel (which is the same thing I did the first time, since my brother said it didn't matter.....HA!). 2nd time around, I used ramps to drive onto, which leaves both sides unloaded, and enough room underneath to avoid needing to remove the wheels.

I highly recommend you get on some ramps, loosen, then retighten to the procedure several have show above. This will be more difficult for you, since you have the nuts on top. Then again, it would be easy to turn them around if needed.