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broken rpm gauge and busted fuel gauge


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January 19, 2014
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1993 ford explorer
I have a 93 ford explorer 4.0 v6 and it has a broken RPM gauge I was wondering if i can swap out the busted RPM gauge or do I have to replace the whole gauge
cluster. Also the fuel float is busted to. need some help.

Yes if its just the rpm gauge thats broken you can just swap that.may not be your real problem tho..float just get a new sender and wile your in there might as well replace the pump..easiest is to drop the tank, search for how to..

The gauge module can be swapped out. First check the connections though. Corrosion on the gauge connections is not uncommon.

Personally for fuel pump-related maintenance I find it easier to cut an access panel, which comes in handy for later repairs. Your tools available and level of fuel in the tank will determine which method is best.