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Wanted Broken Shift lever cylinder

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June 29, 2009
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Catskill Mountains New York
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02 XLT, 95 LTD 98Mounty
This morning as my wife was powering up the 2002 XLT The columm shift lever broke off in her hand. I notice that the aluminum (pot metal) casting sleeve going into the columm itself was busted. Now she can't remove the key from the columm. the car only turns on in and stays in "park"
Has anyone had this problem before?
What is the solution? Do we have to replace the whole steering section?
Is there a separate part for replacing the shift knob assembly?

I've noticed that the lever itself is not broken, The cylinder that is connected as the pivets on the lever and is in the columm is busted.

i've heard of this on '02s, one guy looked around dealer sells the whole steering Assembly, no simple part to replace. That was a few years ago i'd double check if anything has changed.

He went so far as have something made from scratch. . .his post is here somewhere.

Junkyard might be your best solution. . . .

Busted columm shift lever

Yeah I spoke to the local boneyard who wants 250 for the steering columm. I asked him if he was high on dogfood cause drugs don't do that. If I get a used one can it happen again? Probably.
Anyone making those kind of assemblies? Or is it better to make it a floor shifter?

the junkyard one will probly have the same problems again

the ones ford offers as replacements are updated and from the newer explorers