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Broken Spark Plug Blues


November 5, 2008
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McLean, Va
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97 Mounty
Was changing plugs/wires on my 97 mounty and the collar for plug 3 spun right off :mad: Luckily the rest of the plug just pulled out, but then again I was not that lucky..

I pre-soaked them with blaster for three days and all the rest came out no issues.

I cannot get it out to save my life, tried heat, MORE blaster, 2 ft breaker bar etc.. nothing. I broke 2 twelve point sockets on the #5 extractor, tried a #6 for grins no joy. Finally snapped the #5 extractor. Even broke the damn shock taking it off.

Anyway, I am frustrated to say the least. she has close to 190K but ran like a champ before this. I am not going to pull the head so unless someone has a "miraculous" fix I am probably going to have it hauled off, which brings me to why I posted here..

She has practically new tires Firestone All terrains (I will get the model/size when I get home) New starter and Solenoid. If any members are in the Northern Va area (Stafford) and need new tires come on by and I will swap the tires/rims out with you. No need sending it to the bone yard with like new tires on it (wish they fit my Expedition) because I doubt I would get any more for it from the junk yard anyway. Same with Starter/Solenoid.

Its a 97 5.0 AWD (6/96 build date, GT40 heads, non-dpfe EGR system)

PM me if interested.

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Why 12 point sockets? Six pointers would be much stronger.
Maybe even an impact, if the walls don't hit the heat shields. GL

Back of the extractor is square. You can either use a 10mm twelve point (or a 3/8" extension backwards) wont fit into a six point. I tried modifying an extractor to fit in my 10mm deep impact socket, no joy.

I wanted to try to use the reverse extension but have no way to ratchet it without welding a socket to it and I have no welder :(

eight point, hmmm, I may give that a shot, worst thing that could happen is it breaks too, but I suspect the wall is thicker. THANKS

Craftsman no questions asked exchange. Hope it works, good luck!

Craftsman among others make a four or eight point socket just for things like that, Snap On makes a whole set called tap driver sockets for thread taps and such. Would seem like a reasonable thing to try before junking the whole truck.