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Broken Spark Plug Electrode


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July 29, 1999
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Can anyone help me? I had a mechanic change my spark plugs after I bought a used 1993 Ford Explorer. The problem is the plugs were rusted >on so I had to use a 1/2" breaker and the #1 plug broke, which the
electode for the plug fell into the engine.
Will this hurt anything? Is there anyway to get the broken piece out
without taking off the head?


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April 28, 1999
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Yonkers, NY
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91 EB
I don't recommend using the truck until the plug is removed. It may get in the way of firing and could cause detonation which will harm your engine. Someone might have a way to get it out - I can only think of taking apart the engine.

Ray Lobato

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February 8, 1999
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2006 Honda Accord
My dad had the same problem once. Here is what he did. He pulled all the plugs, then turned the crankshaft by hand( this was an older car, the fan did not have a clutch)to push the piston up. with a bore scope( I think that's what they're called) and some surgical hemopsats, a bendable prod, was able to manuver the broken part of the sparkplug to where he could grab it with the hemostats. After he pulled it out, he then flushed out the cylinder with water using a small piece of tubing, then vaccumed out the rest using the same tubing hooked to a wet/ dry vaccum cleaner. I think it took him about an hour to do the whole thing. What ever you decide to do, DON'T try to start it!
I don't know if I would want to put water in the cylinder, but you could vacuum it out for any small pieces, You know what, you might try to use vacuum attached to a small tube and see if it will suck up the broken part hard enough for you to pull it through the plug hole. Hope this help some. Dead Link Removed

Happy Wheelin'
Ray L. :)
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