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broken spark plug


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December 6, 2001
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'00 XLT
I recently broke the #1 plug on my V8 just below the nut, so as to leave only the threaded portion and the bottom electrode still rusted in the head. After reading, asking, and tinkering, I was able to remove it.

Insert the removal tool of choice (spiral or straight flutes...I used spiral), and firmly twist it into place. I applied propane flame (single-handed type-Walmart) to the area around the hole, on the head itself. Immediately afterwards, I sprayed Freeze-It or whatever it's called (Radio Shack-for diagnosing circuit boards and such) between the plug walls and the spirals, so as to cool off the plug but not the head.

I'm unsure which helped more, but both heat and cold working together did the trick. Oh, and make darn sure you use anti-seize on those things, despite what your local auto shop might tell your wife. :)