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Broken steering knuckle


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September 9, 2018
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Victorville CA
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1999 Ford explorer XLT
] Hello I'm new and frustrated lol

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How did this happen? I can't say that I remember anyone else breaking their knuckle before.

Dang never seen that before on pass vehicle

I think the part is faultee. It broke pulling into my driveway

damn son... Luckily these SUVs are plentiful in junkyards due to the sheer number of them that were produced.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Ranger knuckles will also fit?

I'm not sure. At The beginning of the thread a man claimed that ranger knuckles weren't compatible. The junk yard wants nearly what they cost new. I just need to get to work. This is killing me

check with @vroomzoomboom

I can check here locally, Im going to JY on my lunch

Not to add "salt to the wound", I just threw the set from my 97 away last week from my SAS project. :eek:

Doesn't hurt to try. Thank you 909-665-7653 Patrick